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It's a sensible bit ballad with a trashy HC ending, I hear. It's a video game music without a video game.



Hey I'm in this competition where I was supposed to draw a picture about this coffee drink. If I win it, the picture will appear in the middle of Helsinki in a giant size, and I'll get a fuckton of money. Maybe I'll be able to buy myself a third kidney. But people will see my picture. At the moment, some lame shit photoshops are winning, maybe we can make my lame shit flash drawing win? I know it sucks, but I'm a fag, so what gonna do? Somehow these people got some Finnish rap groups to advertise their competition entries...

You just need to go here and click the facebook like ('tykkää') button to vote me. 'Jaa' button is share!

A finnish music:

 - Catoblepas

plays its

some music

Somebody asked me to turn some of my jiggly woman tit porn flash clips into gifs. I was like "Ok, but when I export gifs from flash they turn out with too low fps and lost colours. Also, all the 'free' programs that turn swf into gif leave watermarks and all that bullshit. So fuck me."

So where could I get an easy, free program that I can use to make gifs? This is a matter of GIFS! Of cartoon woman fat.

This week's musical interruption:

The Elephant in The Room

2012-05-14 16:08:09 by Catobleper

The NATA Novice Round has started and apparently the subject is "The Elephant in The Room" because I saw this screenshot of 'blepas' upcoming entry and whooboy is it looking sharp as ever!

The Elephant in The Room

It's here. Also, check out Jean Claude Van Damme doing his magick.

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Now! I mean listen to this shit

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Picture of a baby's butt.

Someone give Newgrounds user Mister Scoops a billion yen record label deal contract.


Also, the musique. Watch more of the Moomins cunt damnit!

Obama Porno Movie

2011-05-02 11:57:56 by Catobleper

It's finally finished: THE OBAMA PORNO MOVIE!

VOTE FIVE! (a high five)

also muziq:

Wazzup with Japan?

2011-03-12 12:35:12 by Catobleper

I was doing this thing when suddenly something happened somewhere.

Also, here's a music:

Wazzup with Japan?